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As I have previously said, I know I post a lot of sex because, well, why the hell not? But just because I post it doesn’t mean I’m into rude vulgar messages: ie “I wanna fuck you” or “I want you to ride my face into battle”
Also people who think I’m game for meeting strangers to fuck… just no.

Be cool homies.

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Is there anyone who follows me from Canberra? Or near by?

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Tonight, I casted my vote in the Scottish Independent Referendum. I hope the remaining few undecided voters made up their mind & chose the right choice for the future of Scotland & voted yes! I’ve kept quiet about this in tumblr but I’m so excited I can’t sleep & waiting for the answer in 7+hours is killing me.
If we don’t take this opportunity I will have lost hope & it upsets me when I hear people talking about voting no, why?! In the 2 Westminster elections we weren’t listened to & our votes did sweet f-all, everywhere are still & currently paying for it! We need to be governed by people who listen to us & have the same ideologies as us!
Also, as seen on the BBC the Scottish leader of the Conservatives misprounced a Scottish town. Im sure she is meant to know how to say towns & cities… so naturally I burst out laughing, IS THAT WHAT WE WANT?! daft cow.

Ps it’s pronounced “freakum”

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Anonymous asked: Do you have a boyfriend?


It’s complicated.

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Anonymous asked: You're such an insatiable girl, an obedient and sexy piece of fuck meat yet so incredibly intelligent and funny. Your daddy must be proud x


Don’t have a daddy anymore, boo ):

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Anonymous asked: Is that you?! You're body is incredible. Move the hand tho.


Yes, thank you & ‘fraid not

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Anonymous asked: hmm


Care to elaborate more?

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